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Do I have to fill out forms to make a claim?

Most of our landlord, building and contents insurance claims can be completed over the telephone. To ensure we get all of the details right, we may ask you to put pen to paper when finalising your claim. Your personal Client Manager will help you through this process.


What is an excess?

An excess is the amount(s) of money you pay or must contribute towards the cost of any claim. All excess amounts relevant to your cover will be shown on your Certificate of Insurance. When you take out Landlords Insurance with Kogan Insurance, you can nominate the level of excess you want. Generally, the higher the excess you [...]


How does the excess amount affect the premium I pay?

The excess is the amount you contribute towards a claim, therefore, if you are willing to contribute more at the time of a claim (higher excess) you will have a lower premium during the policy period. A lower excess would mean you would pay a higher premium. But remember, while your premiums will be cheaper [...]

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