Motor Burnout Optional Cover

If you own a household appliance with a motor, like a fridge or washing machine, Motor Burnout Cover provides the protection you need.

It covers the cost of repairing or replacing an electric motor that’s part of your insurance, so you don’t have to face a lengthy period without refrigeration or clean clothes!

What’s included

  • The cost to repair or replace the motor on an item that’s included in your home and/or contents policy if it fuses or burns out wiring
  • Restocking of spoiled food (up to $1000) if your freezer or fridge accidentally breaks down, or the public electricity supply fails1

Please note: this is a summary of our Motor Burnout Cover policy. Make sure to read our Product Disclosure Statement for full details.

1$1,000 cover applies to Top Cover home and contents policies only. Essential home and contents policies are covered up to $500 only.

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Product Disclosure Statements