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How do I change my details on my Landlords Insurance policy?

If you have sold or moved into your investment property, need to increase your sum insured, or advise us of any other changes to your details, then please call us on 1300 034 888. We don’t charge any administration fees to make these changes. Please keep in mind that your premium may go up or down, [...]


What is Strata Title?

Strata Title is a title based on dividing the site into lots with separate titles. The most common application of Strata Title is for units; but it is also used for complexes with a number of duplexes and villas.


Can I get Landlords Insurance if my building is under Strata Title?

We cannot normally insure your building if it has a Strata Title and is insured under a body corporate. However, there may be some instances where we can offer building insurance for Strata Title properties. If you are unsure, please call us on 1300 034 888 to discuss with us. We can offer contents insurance to cover [...]

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