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How do I know how much I should insure my building for?

We can only provide general advice about your Landlords Insurance; we can’t provide you with advice about the replacement cost of your building. When considering the sum insured for your building insurance, this amount should cover the full cost to rebuild including the cost of structural improvements such as carports, fences and pools and clearing [...]


Do I need to know the measurements for the building?

No, we do not need to know the exact measurements of the building. Some examples of the things we need to know are: The address and age of the building The construction type and roofing materials (for example, brick, cladding, tile) The security measures in the building (for example, alarms and deadlocks)


Are my fences covered?

Fences are covered under our insured events, however, we do not cover damage caused by storm, rainwater or flood if the fences and gates are not structurally sound or well maintained.

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